Introducing Google Drive Delphi Component

Google Drive Delphi component is the updated version of the former Google Docs Delphi component that now works with the newer Google Drive API.

The new version of the component works with Delphi2010 and newer Delphi versions (let us know if you’d like to see it working with legacy Delphi versions starting with Delphi 7) and supports the latest, most secure OAuth 2.0 authentication method.

We recommend all current Google Docs Delphi component users to update to the new version. Update is free for anyone who purchased the component after January 1, 2012. If you purchased the component earlier, the update price is just 50% of your initial purchase price (you will also get a year of free updates). Please contact us before purchasing an update so that we could verify your previous purchase and provide you with a special ordering link.