Frequently Asked Questions

What Delphi versions will your components work with?

All our components support Delphi 7 and newer Delphi versions.

What are the limitations of trial versions?

Trial versions work only in IDE. There are no any other limitations.

While trying to compile trial version of one of the components I get "Unit xxx was compiled with a different version of IdHTTP.TIdHTTP" error. What should I do?

Please download and use Indy version (10.2.3) the component was compiled with: (Not applicable to Delphi 2009 and newer Delphi versions).

I've already got one Indy version installed and I’d prefer not to change it for your component. Is it possible?

Yes, there’s no need to remove your current version of Indy. Simply unpack Indy version provided by us into a new directory and mention path to it in the project properties.

I have compiled the component's demo app and it now returns the "Could not load SSL library" error message when I'm trying to connect. Why is that?

Make sure two DLL files (ssleay32.dll and libeay32.dll) from the demo application are in your project's directory.

I'm having trouble making the Google Delphi components work on my side. They work with your keys included in Demo but not with mine. What should I do?

Please see this tutorial. It explains how to find or create authorization credentials for your project.