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Yahoo! Contacts Delphi Component Overview

Yahoo! Contacts Delphi Component is a non-visual component that allows you to work with Yahoo! Contacts using Delphi. The component supports Delphi 7 and higher and works directly using official Yahoo! Contacts API. Official API use guarantees maximum compatibility and fewest possible modifications to future versions.


  • Create and edit contacts and groups
  • Grouping of contacts
  • Editing contact's custom fields
  • Unicode support for all text fields
  • Batch storing of changes
  • HTTPS support


  • Connecting to Yahoo! Contacts and showing list of contacts in the listbox

    YContacts := TYContacts.Create;
    YContacts.ConsumerKey := 'TBPUS0tJnM9Y29uc3VtZXJzZWNyZXQmeD0zNA--'; 
    // Your consumer key
    YContacts.ConsumerSecret := 'sdjhfsldkj'; 
    // Your consumer secret key
    for I := 0 to YContacts.ContactsCount - 1 do

  • Adding a new contact "John" with phone number "+555-55-55" and email address ""

    With YContacts.NewContact do
      FirstName := 'John';
      Phone := '+555-55-55';
      EMail := '';

  • Deleting a contact with index number 5


Download working example.
(782 KB)

Note! Trial version of the component is available .

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